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Who is E. Otto Tilley?
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I was born in July of 1965 on Travis AFB in California. By the time I was two, my family was stationed in Charleston, SC where I currently reside with my own family. I married my high school sweetheart 19 years ago, and we have two amazing young teenagers, one boy and one girl.

I can remember, as a little boy, always wondering about the supernatural. I would often think about what happens to us when we die. I remember asking my mother what was going to happen to me when I died because I feared just 'not existing'. My imagination was very vivid and active as a young boy, and I spent lots of time in the woods near our home 'pretending' of far away mythical places. I was always the hero, what little boy wouldn't be, and I was always conquering some terrible supernatural foe. With sword in hand, and riding on my trusty steed, I would gallop into the heat of the battle, defeat the evil monster, and then rescue the beautiful damsel. I did all of this before the street lights came on, which was when I had to be home for dinner. Then I grew older, and the imaginations became juvenile so I put them to sleep like an unwanted pet. "Grown-ups don't have time for imagination."

I became part of the productive status quos and did what all maturing students do. I went to school, and within one class of graduating with an Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering, stopped, because I didn't want to be that. So I returned to my Alma Mater, Goose Creek High School, and helped coach the JV and Varsity football teams while pursuing a degree in Math from The College of Charleston. But like all maturing young adults, I changed my mind again. This time I was offered a job working for the Charleston Naval Shipyard as a Marine Electrician. My high grade on an entrance exam had prompted them to call me and offer the golden ticket of working a civil service job where I would certainly retire 50 years later. Four years later, The Charleston Naval Shipyard was put on the Governments "Base Closure List", and I was once again searching.

"Searching" is a fitting word for how a lot of us spend our lives, and mine is no different. Many years of exploration passed as I looked for significance in anything other than what I could see, taste, touch, or smell. I believe this trilogy is a supernatural 'gift' that I have been given to share with others who find themselves wondering about the mystery of life. This book is my journey, fictionalized and brought to life by that wonderful gift I had as a young boy, Imagination. My vivid, childlike, imagination has been resurrected, and I have fully embraced what I once deemed "fit to be put away". There is, in every one of us, something that is much bigger than ourselves; a dream, an imagination, a passion, something that unlocks the great sleeping giant within. I believe this trilogy is the story of your life, and I hope that within its pages you will find the secret that will awaken you to who you really are.

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