What is real and what isn't? Ecel and his wife are living deep in the forest when they suddenly find themselves thrust into a great war between the Forces of Glodoria and Dakaria, a supernatural battle for the planet of Evanescia. It is foretold that a Great Awakening will expose the supernatural and signal the beginning of the battle for Evanescia. As Ecel joins the battle with those on the side of Glodoria, he begins to question all that he had previously known to be true, including his belief that the supernatural was nothing more than children's stories. Even the Legend of King Shinar takes on new meaning, as he realizes the truth of the legend remains hidden to many. As the terrifying battle rages on, Ecel begins to have his own personal awakening, changing his life forever. But will this new knowledge be enough to help win this terrifying war?

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"Tilley's teeming fictive world... is something like C.S. Lewis' Narnia series
dressed in Tolkien-esque heavy metal"
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